Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems in Maine and New Hampshire

In addition to the standard array of wet, dry and deluge fire sprinkler systems, we offer Clean Agent Suppression Systems for computer rooms, and other sensitive environments, as well as the latest hybrid Nitrogen/Water Suppression System for museums, libraries, data centers and power systems, and CO2 systems for enclosed machine spaces, electrical gear cabinets and other spaces that are confined and are not occupied by humans.

Sinorix Clean Agent Systems by Siemens:

Utilizing a waterless, non-toxic, clean gas, these systems are used where water discharge or chemicals would damage sensitive equipment, typically in small rooms. They are extremely fast-acting, clean and environmentally safe. The system is controlled by a dedicated detection and alarm system. Siemens only trains and certifies select contractors, such as Eastern Fire.

Fire-Fighting Foam:

These systems, for large area, high explosive-risk areas, are a hybrid combination of water discharge and AFFF foam or High-Expansion Foam to cool and smother fuel spills.
Typically utilized to protect aircraft hangars, fuel depots and flammable liquids storage, foam/water systems totally smother the floor or ground surface of the hazard area, cooling the fuel and depleting the oxygen. After discharge, the foam solution can then be washed down and drained into an isolated containment tank or basin for safe removal and disposal. These systems are controlled by a dedicated and highly sensitive detection system.
Eastern Fire has a long track record of design, fabrication and installation of these systems. Call our specialists for guidance on the right system for your particular hazard.


Carbon Dioxide is an economical, total atmosphere-flooding clean agent for enclosed spaces. It leaves no residue and is non-damaging to sensitive electronic equipment.
All design is performed on Auto-Cad based software, giving us file-sharing capability with Architects and Engineers, and our licensed staff Fire Protection Engineer assures that your project is designed to perform when needed, without false discharges or critical failures.
Our fire suppression systems are fabricated “in-house”, in our own state-of-the-art fabrication facility, where we have total quality control.
Call us to discuss the various design options and let us help you select the best system for your facility. Eastern Fire has designed and installed systems for municipal airports as well as military facilities.

Vortex by Victaulic:

The Vortex system is a combination of fine water mist and nitrogen, the latest in cutting-edge green fire suppression technology. There is virtually no water damage and room integrity and pressure venting are not concerns, as with other types of clean agents. Eastern Fire holds a special certification to design and install the Victaulic Vortex System.