Fire Sprinkler Installation in Augusta, ME

One of our fire sprinklers in Augusta, ME
Since its' inception back in 1942, Eastern Fire has been known throughout Maine and New Hampshire as a company to be trusted with the design, installation and service of life and property-saving fire sprinkler systems.
Designs that are both code-compliant and efficient are the backbone of successful installations, whether in a retro-fit mode or in new construction. Eastern Fire is licensed with the State Of Maine Fire Marshal's Office and has earned the ability to “fast-track” the design approval and permitting process when necessary.
Our Design Technicians are certified by the National Institute For The Certification Of Engineering Technicians. Visit N.I.C.E.T. yourself and you will realize the importance of this certification. All design is performed on Auto-Cad based software, giving us file-sharing capability with Architects and Engineers.
All drawings, even the older ones produced by hand, are saved and preserved digitally. They are available by computer for immediate reference, a major advance from the days of slowly decaying "stored-flat" or "stored-rolled" blueprints.
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NFPA Text and Eastern Fire Statement Of Understanding
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Our fire sprinkler systems are fabricated “in-house”, in our own state-of-the-art fabrication facility, so that we have total quality control and the ability to make those last-minute changes that are sometimes necessary.
No fire sprinkler system is too small or large for Eastern Fire and you will see the same pride of workmanship whether applied to a residential, commercial, industrial or residential system. There is a class of water-based systems referred to as special hazard systems, and those systems are designed and installed with the same expertise.
If fire pumps are required, look no further. Eastern Fire has been a major supplier of U.L. Listed fire pumps since the company's inception.
You will find our 24-hour service and maintenance to be without equal in the industry. We are ready to assist you at any time, day or night, with unmatched customer service.