Alarm System Monitoring Services in Auburn, ME, Area

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Eastern Fire is a Siemens Fire Alarm Distributor. Siemens is a world-class manufacturer of fire alarm system devices, limiting sales to those contractors who have demonstrated a commitment to factory training and product support. With our ever-expanding team of Alarm Technicians, who are also licensed Electricians, we are both qualified and ready to assist you with your fire alarm needs.
We can maintain or provide the traditional conventional alarm systems as well as addressable alarm systems, which offer both flexibility and ease of expansion, plus the ability to identify and transmit the location of a fire incident by floor, room and device number, while at the same time performing self-diagnostics which help minimize service calls.
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Eastern Fire is a Commercial Wireless Systems International Distributor. CWSI is the only fire alarm equipment manufacturer that focuses 100% of their time and resources on wireless fire alarm technology, thus being able to offer the most complete and adaptable line of wireless fire alarm equipment in the industry.
We are the leading CWSI wireless distributor for Maine and New Hampshire. Please call us to find out if wireless technology is a sensible solution for your fire alarm needs. Consideration of your needs will include a careful analysis of your building and environmental conditions.


You can also call on us if you already have another brand of fire alarm system in place. With the accumulated decades of experience that our Alarm Technicians have, there is very little that they haven't already encountered!
Our existing customers, some of which have been with us since the forties, have found it not only convenient to have us provide their fire alarm service in addition to their fire sprinkler service, but cost-efficient as well, while receiving quality, professional service.
We also perform thorough code-compliance inspections, to help you maintain your system in compliance with all applicable codes and insurance requirements.
We offer 24-Hour Monitoring of every fire alarm system!